Saturday, October 17, 2015

three + four months

I take time each week to write a bit about AnnaRose - how she's changing, any fun stories of things we do together, and my experience as a new mom. This is a collection of those writings, in a letter to my daughter.


I must tell you how awesome you are. You are such a happy, easy going baby. No matter what struggles us adults have, you remain unfazed. I'm just in awe of you everyday.
These past couple months, you have changed so much! You love to watch the world around you. For you, everything is new and interesting and it is such a joy for me to watch. At three months old, you got your first cold and faced it like a champ. When you and I are feeling up to it, we like to go out for lunch, and you impress everyone you meet with you chill demeanor. You also get many complements on your hair. You've already visited Pike Place Market and the Fremont Bridge, and I'm sure many more Seattle landmarks will soon follow.
When you have a baby, everyone tells you to treasure the moments, because they grow up so fast. And it is true, and I want to stop hearing it. I don't want to hear how you'll be walking and talking before I know it or how you'll be playing in the yard and riding a bike one day soon. I want to slow it all down, even just a bit, because I just can't process how much you grow each day. Of course, when we get there, teaching you to ride a bike will be fun and joyful and necessary. But for now, let's stick with planning brunch this Sunday and save all that growing up stuff for later, Baby.


Thanks for reading my monthly Rosie Letters. It is how I pause and savor these moments.