Saturday, August 8, 2015

two months

I take time each week to write a bit about AnnaRose - how she's changing, any fun stories of things we do together, and my experience as a new mom. This is a collection of those writings, in a letter to my daughter.

AnnaRose at 7 weeks, photo by Carly Bish Photography

Rosie Girl,
This month, you are giving all the smiles. We love it! Trying to get you to smile is one of our favorite things, but it doesn't usually work. You do it when you feel like it and that is OK. You've got a mind of your own already. And those little baby coos, which you like to do while we change your diaper, there is almost nothing cuter. As you reached the two month mark, you have started "conversing" with us. You love music. I made you a mellow playlist with Ben Folds and Sam Cooke songs, but you usually prefer us singing to you. Some of your favorites are "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head," "Sing" from Sesame Street, "Careless Whisper," and anything by James Taylor. But really, I can sing play-by-play of anything I'm doing and you seem to enjoy it.
I just love being your mom. It is hard, at times, to follow your lead; to be patient, to stay awake, to not get stuff done. It's hard for a second, and then it isn't hard at all, because you are amazing to watch and I don't want to miss anything.
This month, we are really getting to know you: Hold me, sing to me, don't count on me napping. Your daddy had some time off before starting a new job this month, and you two really got to bond. It was awesome. You, our girl, are awesome.

Thanks for reading my monthly Rosie Letters. It is how I pause and savor these moments.

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