Monday, July 21, 2014

wedding postcard rsvp diy art

- postcards or other small images
- cardboard or poster board for backing
- strong, wide tape (I used duct tape)
- scissors
- craft glue
- hole punch
- nails for hanging

This is a super simple DIY, and a great way to display postcards as art. I fell in love with these Penguin book cover postcards while planning our wedding and decided to use them for our RSVP cards. They were a lot of work, as I hand wrote and stamped them, so I wanted to find a way to display them in our home. When all the wedding dust had settled and I finally got to this project, I laid out all the postcards on the floor in different arrangements until I found one I liked. Then, I checked the recycling bin for cardboard, because its free, and trimmed and pieced the cardboard together in the right shape. I used duct tape to secure the cardboard from the back, then arranged the postcards in an alternating tile pattern. I made sure to mix up the order, so similar cards weren't touching and things weren't too repetitive, and glue each card into place. Once everything was dry, I punched 3 holes along the top of the cardboard, nailed 3 nails into the wall to match and put the piece into place.

I love how simple and cheap this project was. What are your favorite simple DIY's you've done or are planning to do for your home? I'd love to hear about them! Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

portland fall 2013

It is time to for me to play catch up after months of blog silence, so here we go! These photos are from our weekend trip down to Portland, OR this past November. We love to drive down and indulge in some of our favorite foods, a change of scenery, and a bit of exploring. Sweetpea Baking Co is always a must. We ate there twice during our stay; we tried to go somewhere else for brunch, but they opened later than we thought, so we were like, "Sweetpea it is!" I was glad, as I would go there for every meal if Terry would allow it.
While roaming around, I love how we found awesome inspiration; like that pink house with my dream dahlia garden! And that super cool black pickup. Before heading back up to Seattle, we drove East to the Vista House on the Columbia River Highway. It was a gorgeous, sunny, perfectly blustery day.

Also, if you've visited this space before, you'll see the blog looks a little different. I love the clean and simple layout from This Girl Design. Suzana is professional, helpful and fast. Check out her Etsy Shop, where she has both custom and pre-made blog templates. Plus, my fresh portrait on the side bar is from the wonderful Carly from Carly Bish Photography. She is truly my favorite, and I'll be sharing more photos from our recent session in a post soon!