Wednesday, September 18, 2013

seeing clearly

I've worn glasses since the third grade. That's two decades of glasses wearing. And while I often wear contacts, I still need frames with prescription lenses for times when my eyes need a break. Honestly, I can't walk more than a few steps sans-glasses without running into something. But I'll say I'm blessed with extremely bad vision, since it gives me a reason to invest in some great frames.
Warby Parker has loads of styles for men and women, and they have a great home try-on program! I picked 5 frames from their website, and a few days later, I received a lovely package. My choices were Mallory, Zagg, Webb, Wilkie, and Baxter. I decided to style each frame to help me decide which style best suited me. I ended up choosing the Mallory frames in blue marblewood, which may or may not have been influenced by my styling it with my favorite hat and sweater. I packed the demo frames up, mailed them back, and placed my order. Bonus: when you buy a pair, they give a pair to someone in need. Pretty great, right?
Mallory : sweater - Modcloth / similar hat - Anthropologie
Zagg : similar tops - Anthropologie / similar hat - Anthropologie
Webb : very old wrap sweater - Nordstrom
Wilkie : tee - vintage / similar hat - j.crew
Baxter : blouse - Modcloth / similar hat - Anthropologie


  1. glasses definitely look amazing on you. and that first long sleeve is SUPER cute. love it!

    1. Thank you! Isn't that top fun? I love the elbow patches almost too much.

      ❤ Jess

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